We, Helen and Kate, have been close friends through school,university and beyond. Between us, we have hosted and attended more murder mystery dinner parties than we can remember. This is in spite of the complicated rules (hours spent peering into the party preparation notes shouting, “No, YOU were supposed to have asked DRACULA about his god-son before the MAIN COURSE!!”), the dated packaging, the tired, dense plot lines and frankly lame scripts.

Finally in October 2008, we declared, “Enough is enough!” and decided to sit down and write some really good murder mystery dinner games ourselves.

WhoDunnit Dinners offer you a murder mystery dinner game with a difference.

It’s a modern, fresh take on the old format. Gone are the overlong scripts and gone are the thin character descriptions. In their place, we provide realistic, helpful advice for the host, including mouth-watering recipes to suit the characters and the era; a genuine element of intrigue and narrative, and lots more laughs than you would imagine. Our murder mystery games are born out of great scenarios, meaty (if indulgent) characters and good quality script writing. We admit, this may not suit a more serious soul.

There are no opportunities to question each of the characters and ad-lib through each of the round. For us, that was always too much like hard work. And there are no poor quality CD ‘detectives’ to take you through the story, because we built everything into the script. Lots more fun, lots less stress and effort for everyone, and a smart stylish brand.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“Period detail and a wicked sense of humour”Venue Magazine, Bristol

Our information provided was “Really good and useful – especially as host.” Laura, 28, Bristol


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