WhoDunnit? PTT Global Chemical did

It is a very sad time for Thailand, and nature lovers worldwide. 50,000 litres of crude oil have leaked all over the Gulf of Thailand around the beautiful island of Ko Samed. Although PTT Global Chemical (a Thai state-owned company) have now plugged the leak in the pipeline, the beaches have turned black and the clean-up involving thousands of workers and volunteers, nears the end of its first week and sees no signs of slowing. Already the island, a popular weekend destination for tourists from Bangkok, has had visitors leaving in droves. Horrifyingly, it is one of 200 leaks that have occurred in the region in the last three decades, four of which were major ones on a similar scale. 

In our new game – The Thai who Rubbed Me – a masseur’s body was found dead on the beach. How many fish, birds and plants integral to the ecosystem of this area of outstanding natural marine beauty will have perished due to the incompetency of the oil companies who operate in the area? How horrifying to see the evil we can do to the world around us. 


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